Sunny Side Up Wonderland

Pillow and blanket talk for a sleepless place. 

About Me


If I were to tell you my name it would ruin the secret that is this mystery girl, but sometimes secrets were meant to be told. Hey I'm Joanna. If you happen to see this hats off to you for finding the most invisble blog out there (you must be the type to not follow the trends, again my hats are off). 

Just a girl here, but what girl (you may ask yourself, but highly unlikely)?
Well that's what I'm here for, to be that blogger on the journey to something, coming of age, spiritual enlightenment, food perhaps? Who knows, but until that time comes enjoy angsty social commentary and semi-long rants about my life, yes my life is more than my social some degree.

You would expect that being an Australian would have it's benefits, with the sun, accent, barbeques and whatnot but I'm looking at a country two seasons late behind the runways and always second to hear about the latest new, if I actually cared about either of them. For now the lovely "fair dinkum" Australia hasn't disapointed me yet if I ever had any real expectations of it.

Come for the pretty design, maybe even stay for the read.

For now take care.x

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